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PLASMATEC SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS / SP. Phone: (55 12) 3911-8580
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- In 1996 the Plasmatec had as starting point the manufacture of parts for the acrobatic aircraft training civil and military GP-A135A “Guará G200”, idealized and developed for the Engineer Carlos Gonçalves and Jesus Rodrigues. 

- In 1998 Plasmatec began partnering with Embraer To produce the canopy of the Tucano, the windshield of the Xavante and a number of pieces in acrylic and polycarbonate. 


- In 2002, for processes and products improvement and to better to take care of clients, the Plasmatec conquered the ISO 9001:2000 certification, and two important certifications: one from Department of Ordnance (DIRMAB) and other from National Agency of Civil Aviation (DAC – ANAC).

- In 2004 the prototype aircraft Guará T200 have been realized flight tests. 

- In 2005, giving course to the continuous improvement of its process the Plasmatec renewed the certificate ISO 9001 and it still conquered the most demanding requirements of the aerospace quality system, the AS SAE 9100 certificate. 

- In 2006 Plasmatec strong invested  in the acrylic and metals working, for that Plasmatec acquired CNC Machines and CNC Lathes. 


- In 2009 was founded PLASMATEC-BOT INDUSTRIA AERONAUTICA LTDA in the Botucatu City. The objective of assisting the Embraer and other clients in that place. Located in a hangar with 1,300 square meters, with access to the airport.  


- In 2010 the Plasmatec won a certificate to supply to Navy of Brazil.

- In 2011 the Plasmatec in Sao Jose dos Campos transferred its activities to a new building, modern and larger.


- In 2012 the Plasmatec Botucatu expanded its operations with emphasis on the production of glas fiber parts and surface treatment by alodine, primer and PU.


The Plasmatec already produces


The Plasmatec is ready to start the treatment Alodine and paint primer and PU.

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