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Acrylic, thermoplastic polymer is methyl methacrylate monomer, made with virgin raw material. It is the noblest of plastic, shiny, more transparent than glass and more weather resistant than any other.

Despite all this does not cost more. In fact, in most applications that require the characteristics of the acrylic, it is the option most cost-effective.

Properties of Cast Acrylic Sheets. Below we describe some typical properties of acrylic sheets "Cast". The data below are for information only and does not constitute a guarantee.

A) Transmission of Light
acrylic plates lic crystals have up to 92% transparency, beating all other competing materials used in construction that have this aspect, including the glass.

B) Impact Resistance
The acrylic sheets are approximately 10 times more impact resistant than glass in same thickness. The acrylic sheets can be used in applications where impact resistance is required, the thickness should be evaluated to be employed.

C) Weight  
acrylic plates have the same thickness, 50% of the weight of the glass or 43% by weight of aluminum per unit area.

D) Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
Using the system of double wall with air chamber, we obtain O ; thymus thermal and acoustic insulation, with a reduction of 3-5 dB.

E) Coefficient of Expansion
acrylic sheets swell or contract more than the most common building materials, while less than most plastics. Below we compare the coefficient of expansion of the acrylic sheet with aluminum and glass.

Values in cm / cm / ºC
Material Coefficient of Expansion
Acrylic Glass 0.0000091 0.0000738

Aluminum 0,0000233

Thus, care must be taken in the installation of acrylic to allow sufficient space for expansion.

F) Stiffness
The acrylic sheets are also less rigid than glass or aluminum can flex is subjected to load. Note that this bending reduces the total area of the plate and should be expected when using it.

G) Use Load
The acrylic sheet should not be subjected to loads or stresses above 100 kg / cm2. The use of this condition will cause the above "Crazing" in the material.

H) Working temperature
The acrylic sheets behave well in the temperature range between 40ºC degrees Celsius and 80ºC positive.


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